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Dubai Motocross Club – DMX Dubai

Riding motorcycles is one of the biggest joy’s of one’s life. It feels scary when on and physically challenging, yet fun. The thing is that if you haven’t played in dirt, you are missing out half the excitement. With this desire of riding, people from around the world come to the DMX Track- Jebel Ali, Dubai. The DMX track which was developed by the Dubai motocross club is nearby the Jebel Ali Beach Hotel- Dubai, near to the go karting track.

Dubai motocross

For a number of reasons DMX is the perfect place to start riding because it is where the dream riding does become a reality. The club provides very best facilities for both motocross and off-road racing, which is their aim. Not bothering about the nationality and age of people, the club allows everyone to practice and enjoy the sport.

Dubai motocross round one - DMX Round 1 champaionship trophy

The volunteers of Dubai Motocross Club Committee are strong and passionate. They provide club memberships to financially support the development and maintenance of the track and facilities. They welcome other motocross sport enthusiasts to volunteer their time and professional skills to benefit their track for all to enjoy. Insurance for riders is not provided by the Dubai Motocross track. A full comprehensive personal insurance necessary for every rider. Rules and regulations are posted at the track and one who join, should also sign the indemnity form releasing the DMX track from liability. If something risky happens the full responsibility is with himself.

Guidelines provided by DMX club:

  •   Practice fees for Dubai Motocross Club:

               Non-members AED100 per day per rider (weekday or weekend).

               Members AED50 per day per rider.

  • Membership fees for:

              Single club membership AED1200 (1 Sep to 31 Aug)

              Single member unlimited practice AED1500

              Family club membership AED1500

              Family membership unlimited practice AED3000

  • It is a Club for everyone; all nationalities, all age groups and all levels of riders.
  • DMX has two tracks: one main track and one exclusively for our junior riders, both are located at the Club’s Motocross Park in Jebel Ali near Jebel Ali Golf Resort.
  • The UAE racing season runs from September to April during which DMX hosts multiple round motocross championship.
  • DMX Location google map:

Fun doesn’t even begin to describe it, DMX is a wakeup call. DMX regrows the boundaries of motorcycling. Whether you are looking to entertain yourself or to prove your skills, for a motorcyclist enthusiast checking into DMX is a no brainer.

Information courtesy: DMX Club

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