Mohammed Balooshi : The fern in the wind

How can you define a person if he drives fast, fast like a fern in the wind. He is passionate, a role model for kids, moreover he is a legend. He is Mohammed Balooshi, from UAE who started the career in riding at the age of 20.


In order to reach his goals he tried harder to train himself. 3 years of dedicated practice made him to enter his first competition. Every rider has a year of success, for Mohammed Balooshi it was 2009, which made him compete with world’s fastest riders.With his right skill and performance he became Tunisia Arab Champion moreover he lead the project Red Bull Under My Wings in UAE at the year 2010, which for him was gratifying. Balooshi conducted 24- hour training camp where he trained few young riders to ride in desert which was a new terrain.


Balooshi says the toughest of all rallies he have done was the Dakar Rally. He was the first emirati to take part in the Dakar Rally, 2012. During the 10th stage of the rally he got injured due to which he couldn’t make the finish. 

He use his talent to improvise training for the upcoming riders. He has started a MX academy to train the talented riders.  

 For a dedicated rider like Balooshi, victories will follow…



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