Southwest rider to compete in motocross championships in Tennessee

Southwest rider to compete in motocross championships in Tennessee

Nothing appears to faze Devon Bates of southwest Las Vegas.

The 16-year-old motocross rider is set to compete July 31 through Aug. 5 at the Amateur National Motocross Championship at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee, about 75 miles west of Nashville. No one would know if his family and friends weren’t telling everyone about it; he doesn’t brag about his accomplishments or post on social media about his wins.

The home-schooled teenager has been riding motocross bikes since he was 7, when his dad took him riding with a friend. Soon after, his dad was taking him to a shop to get a bike of his own.

“It’s just different,” Devon said. “Not a lot of people (ride motocross) in Las Vegas, so … I just feel like I can be something in the sport.”

A combination of the high insurance policy fees for tracks in Nevada with California’s early reputation as a motocross “hub” have made it difficult for the sport to take off in Las Vegas, Devon’s mother, Kris Kanelos-Bates said. And the one track in Vegas, Sandy Valley MX, just isn’t large enough acreage-wise to offer proper regulation training laps, she said. Read more…

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